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How To Write An Absence Note For School- A Step By Step Guide

There are believable excuses that may guaranty that the school authorities will accept your absence from school. You need to ensure that you have a piece of evidence to support your note; otherwise, the school authorities wouldn’t accept it. You also need to follow strict guidelines to ensure that your note is formally written clearly and acceptable. Failure to support your note with genuine evidence can earn you a suspension and sometimes outright dismissal from School; therefore, you should look for evidence first before writing the note.

So, how do I write an Absence Note for School?

There is no single structure for writing an absence note from School, but you need to keep the tone formal and present a piece of acceptable evidence or reason for your absence.

Tips And Ideas On Writing An Absence Note For School

You must include certain essential items when writing a note for a leave of absence from School. These include the following;

1. Keep it Formal and Polite

You are looking for a favor, in this case; hence your letter of absence from school should be kept formal. You must avoid unnecessary pleasantries and innuendos and keep it strictly official. From your salutation to the conclusion and closing of the letter, you must remain formal.

It would be best if you did not allow your emotions to override your response in your letter; hence you must be polite and clearly state why you are asking for a leave from School.

2. Provide a Clear Reason

Your letter of absence from school must include an apparent reason for being absent. This reason is perhaps the most fundamental reason you are writing the letter; hence, you should have it in the letter’s first paragraph. The second and subsequent paragraphs must clearly explain the situations; these could be the symptoms and the doctor’s recommendations.

 Highlight the medications or other recommendations the doctors have prescribed for you and how long you will heal and return to School. You must try as much as possible to highlight your situation honestly. In case of medical conditions, you should attach a doctor’s letter to your letter, preferably a letter containing the name and position of the doctor.

3. Include Your Details

You must include your full names, class or grade, section name, and even your roll number in the letter. You may also want to include the hospital and doctor’s names if you claim medical reasons for absence from School. With this vital information, it will be easier for the school authorities to track your identity and even keep updates on your situation. Sometimes the School may be in the best position to help resolve your issue.

4. Include date and address of School

When writing a formal letter of absence from school, you should begin with the date, especially at the top-left corner, and then include the school’s address below. Put the names of the principal or the top-most head of the school before the name and address of the School.

While the beginning of the letter should start with “Dear…”, you should end it with “Yours Sincerely” followed by your names or names of your parents or guardian.

What Are Some Believable Excuses For Absence From School?

There are so many believable excuses you can use to excuse yourself from School, and these include the following;

1. My Allergy Broke Out

One of the most notorious reasons why students stay away from School is allergy breakout. Since no one knows when allergies can break out and school authorities don’t want to put the lives of other pupils at risk, they may accept this reason on your note for absence from school.

You may have to include symptoms like running nose, skin breakouts, persistent cough, and swelling to back up your reason for absence from School.

2. I had to Go and See a Dentist

Going to the dentist may not be as severe as allergy breakouts, it is still one of the most acceptable reasons for absence from School.

Going to the dentist for urgent help is an old way of asking for an absence from school, but it is still relevant and acceptable today. Though a regular check-up at the dentist may not be sufficient but having a toothache after dinner the previous day may be accepted on your absence note.

3. Sudden Death of a Parent or Guardian

School authorities will naturally show sympathy for a pupil whose parent or guardian suddenly passed away. This option is one of the most acceptable reasons for anyone who wants to claim to be absent from school for few days. As expected, you will have to show proof of this before your claim is accepted.

4. I Tested Positive to Covid19 Virus

This option is one of the serious medical emergencies that requires some compassionate response from school authorities. Similarly, school authorities don’t want to put the lives of other pupils at risk, especially with the high potential risks of the disease spreading.

The school authority will indeed request a health report on this test, and you must be ready to provide them. Everyone knows that testing positive for the Covid19 virus will require quarantine for several days or weeks. You will need to produce another certificate showing you tested negative before you resume classes.

What Are Some Of The Excuses That Are Not Acceptable On Absence Note From School?

Several reasons are not tenable before schools as reasons for absence. The most notably rejected reasons for absence from schools are;

1. Our Car Got Stolen or Broke Down

Suffering from a stolen car or broken-down car is not an acceptable reason for absence from school, and most school authorities don’t accept these excuses. If your parents take you to school and get stuck in traffic, they could have arranged alternative transport to get to your School. Car-pooling is one of the options for getting transportation to School.

2. We are Going on a Family Vacation

A family vacation is not an excusable reason to abstain from School. People choose to travel to protect their sanity and for other reasons. Since there are seasons or times for family vacation, a vacation in the middle of a school session is not an acceptable excuse in a letter of absence from school. This type of excuse may also land the child in trouble.

3. There was a Family Emergency

A family emergency is not an excuse for you to be absent from school, except you are the victim of such an emergency. For instance, an accident or sickness may become a family emergency to be absent from school, but other family members may handle other emergency cases.

There are always funeral cards or invitations when older family members pass away, and certain situations may mess up your plans to go out. Any family emergency that does not involve the pupil may not be considered in a letter of absence from school.

4. We are Celebrating a Religious Day

Religious and cultural celebration days could be complicated for most school authorities. In a country where religious rights are respected, you may be approved to stay away from School for religious celebrations; countries that place no value on religion may reject such requests for absence from school.

Latest estimates show there are thousands of religions and sub-religions in the world today, though only a dozen religion types are recognized. The school authorities may reject religious excuses for absence from School if your religion is outside of the leading 12 recognized. This notion means that The school authorities may likely reject your letter for abstaining from School due to a religious ceremony of unrecognized religion.

5. There is flooding on the Street

Most schools will reject an excuse of flooding for absence from School. This excuse perhaps is the flimsiest on this list. Even in the rainy season, where flooding can be rampant, school authorities expect parents to have made alternative arrangements for transportation of their kids to schools.

Similar to flooding is the excuse of assisting your sibling with an assignment or missing school bags or books. These are excuses that could be dealt with when you are in school or after school hours. Having minor issues like having fever may require that the school conduct tests on the pupil to confirm the problem before a letter of absence is accepted.


There are many complex rules guiding the acceptance of the letter of absence from school, and it is important to be familiar with these rules to avoid issues. What is acceptable in some schools may not be acceptable to others. For some regions, there are general rules guiding issuing leave of absence to pupils, and the acceptance of such letters may take from few minutes to hours depending on evidences provided. To this end, it is always better to provide any evidence to back up a letter of absence from School as such can quicken the approval of such absence.

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