Is KicksCrew Legit? The Answer Here

KicksCrew is a marketplace for sneakerheads. They believe that sneakerheads—collectors of sneakers who are extremely knowledgeable about their history and reputation—have been ignored by the world of footwear. They’re here to change that.

KicksCrew allows their customers to buy and sell sneakers as well as manage a collection of sneakers they already own. Their goal is to create a vibrant community of shoe lovers where people can share what they once thought would be useless knowledge, but which now allows them to buy, sell, and trade the most coveted shoes in the world.  Unlike other services, KicksCrew gives you direct access to top branded products. The KicksCrew team handles it from start to finish. And unlike popular belief, they are legit.

Is KicksCrew legit?

When you’re shopping for sneakers online, it’s hard to know what you’re getting when you hit “place order.” But if you choose KicksCrew, you can rest assured that your shoes will be delivered without delay and in mint condition.

KicksCrew is an established retailer with a large catalog of sneakers and other footwear. In addition to operating its own website, it sells shoes in a store in downtown Atlanta. The company offers a wide selection of styles from brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Vans, including classic designs and limited-edition collaborations that are highly sought after by collectors. Prices are competitive with other online stores and brick-and-mortar retailers.

The company is known among collectors for its quick response times and fast shipping rates. A team of experts inspects every pair of shoes before sending them out, so you can rest assured that the sneakers you receive will be exactly what you ordered. If anything goes wrong during the delivery process that causes damage to your order, KicksCrew will replace it at no cost to you or refund your money in full.

In addition to selling new shoes, KicksCrew also buys used sneakers from collectors all over the world who want to sell their collections.

What Is KicksCrew?

KicksCrew is the #1 online sneaker marketplace for finding rare, limited-edition sneakers. They’re on a mission to make the sneaker game more accessible to sneakerheads around the world, and they’ve been doing that by bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the globe.

Their platform has been used by major celebrities like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Chance the Rapper; they’ve got over 1 million pairs of rare sneakers coming through their site every day. They’re a relied-upon source in the sneaker world. Which means you can trust them to deliver the best products and service while you’re shopping for your next pair of kicks.

Does KicksCrew Sell Original Shoes?

At KicksCrew, they do their absolute best to only sell you the best quality that they can find. They carry authentic, branded products and have a reputation based on integrity that they are proud to maintain.

Their employees are trained to check every item thoroughly before shipping it to you. If they find anything even slightly questionable in the quality of the product, they will contact you before shipping it out so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want it!

They also want to hear from you! If you get your shipment and notice anything that doesn’t meet your expectations. You can get in touch with their customer service team so they can help make this right for you.

What Brands Are Available on KicksCrew?

KicksCrew offers a wide selection of authentic sneakers and streetwear from brands all over the world. They have brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, Puma, New Balance, Reebok, Converse, and much more for Sneakers.

They also have brands such as Supreme, Diamond Supply Co., Bape, Stussy, Huf, and many more for streetwear.

What Kind Of Shoes Can You Find On KicksCrew?

KicksCrew believes in the power of unique shoes. They’re a company that connects you to the shoemakers who can create a custom pair of shoes just for you. They have an extensive catalog of designs, or you can submit your own design and their shoemakers will work with you to make it happen. Their community is global and spans over 100 countries, so they can help you connect with a shoemaker no matter where you are.

Is KicksCrew A Reliable Website?

Yes, KicksCrew is a reliable website. They are a leading online store for selling sneakers and other athletic apparel. They’ve sold over 60,000 pairs of shoes since then. Their customers rate them with an average of 4.2 stars out of 5, and they’re rated as an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. They offer quick shipping and free returns, as well as a generous discount for new customers.

Why Do Customers Take A While To Trust KicksCrew?

When customers don’t trust KicksCrew, it’s usually for one of two reasons; they don’t know that they’re backed by a very reliable parent organization, and they are used to buying goods (or services) directly from manufacturers.

Their lack of transparency regarding their parent company is something that they have been working on fixing. They’ve been able to get better at communicating their relationship with their parent company and find ways to include that information on their website, in their social media posts, and in other marketing materials. Sometimes this means they have to sacrifice some of the freshness of their messaging, but they think it’s worth it because customers are more willing to trust them when they see that they are backed by an established, highly-regarded organization.

Customers also take a long time to trust them because many of them are accustomed to using the manufacturer’s own website or service department instead of using third-party sources for their product needs. However, many manufacturers do not offer a good level of service or support for their products or do not offer much variety in terms of products available for a specific item. That is why KicksCrew exists; to provide a better level of service through our support team and a greater variety of products.


KicksCrew is an online retailer specializing in the sale of men’s and women’s shoes, including basketball sneakers, running shoes, and casual shoes for men and women. They provide a variety of pairs of top brands. Choose a pair at affordable prices now!

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