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Which Cryptocurrency Is The Best To Exchange

Which Cryptocurrency Is The Best To Exchange?

Ethereum has been on the list of the most attractive digital assets in terms of long-term investments for several years. Although the exchange rate is inferior to the BTC, it shows a steady upward trend, so it is recommended to include it in the investment portfolio. At the same time, limiting yourself to Ether by investing in virtual cash is not the best idea because even such a reliable coin is not protected from drawdowns. Experts recommend using part of the capital for deposits in other projects, and for the exchange of Ethereum for Matic or other tokens aave to usd not to take much time, it is good enough to choose a specialized service.

Promising types of crypto in 2022

To understand which digital assets to buy with Ethereum, you must first decide on the answers to the following questions:

  • for how long do you plan to invest money;
  • how much you intend to invest in the purchase of coins;
  • whether it will be necessary to withdraw part of the funds in fiat currencies;
  • how do you want to organize the storage?

Well-known tokens are more suitable for long-term investment, but you can earn money within 1-2 months or six months on new projects. The only caveat is that without professional analytical knowledge and reliable sources of information, it will be problematic to predict which coin rate will sharply increase shortly. Therefore, it is more suitable for beginners to buy a promising crypt with subsequent storage until a steady price increases. Here are the types of digital cash that experts now recommend buying:

  • Bitcoin. Despite the sharp price decline after a historic high in November last year, BTC is still a profitable asset.
  • Dogecoin, whose capitalization grew to $18 billion last year.
  • Solana is a crypto that will rise in price as Defi and NFT develop.
  • Cardano – this coin is worth buying, as the integration of innovative blockchain scaling solutions is expected soon, which will definitely increase the rate.
  • DOT is an internal token of the Polkadot project, created by one of the Ethereum developers.

The most successful way to exchange crypto

Having decided which virtual assets are needed to earn money in the short and long term, you can start choosing a portal for making transactions. For the exchange of dollar to eth or other coins to be successful, it is essential to find a service that can provide:

  • high speed of transactions
  • confidentiality of transactions
  • the convenience of exchange
  • the most favorable rate
  • access to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • minimum transaction fees

Critical selection criteria are effective protection against hacker attacks, professional technical support, and the ability to conclude transactions without restrictions on the number of changeable coins. As a rule, investors must choose between exchanges and exchangers, such as LetsExchange. The second option is preferable since you do not need to register, spend additional time and effort on identifying an individual, and deduct a considerable amount from an intermediary. Exchangers do not directly participate in financial transactions, so using them is easier and faster. When trading on the exchange, you must figure out how to place orders and wait until the system processes the application.

There are many exchange services, and active competition leads to optimal customer conditions. The main thing is to find a reliable resource that uses an SSL certificate and modern DDoS protection techniques and provides transaction transparency.

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