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Can You Upgrade A Gaming Laptop

Can You Upgrade A Gaming Laptop? This Is What Avid Gamers Should Know

It’s every avid gamer’s dream to own a gaming laptop. Laptops are a breeze to carry around. Thus, you’ll have a chance to play video games wherever you find yourself. 

But then, some laptops aren’t powerful enough to run most games. In such a case, most people will consider an upgrade. But the question is, can you even upgrade a gaming laptop?  

If you want to know the answer to this question, we urge you to read this post from start to finish.  

Can You Upgrade A Gaming Laptop?

You can have components such as HDD/SSD and RAM upgraded in some modern gaming laptops. But parts like the GPU and CPU can be tricky to upgrade. You can’t upgrade them in most modern gaming laptops.   

However, you can upgrade some powerful gaming laptops. An example is the Alienware AREA-51M. In other words, you can upgrade their GPU and even CPU. But such laptops are quite costly. They cost way more than regular gaming laptops. 

Upgrading components such as CPU and GPU can be a chore. It can be quite technically demanding and may require a range of software upgrades.   

Keep reading to learn more about this topic. 

How Long Does A Gaming Laptop Last?

Game is one of the most demanding activities laptops handle. Just place a hand at the exhaust of the laptop the moment you turn on a game. You’ll discover the huge amount of heat coming out. 

Usually, a gaming laptop will serve you within 3 years or more. After which, you may begin to experience battery problems, some software issues, and sometimes hardware.

Some people can still have their gaming laptop running after ten years, but it’s not advisable because technology is dynamic and ever-improving. Most software will become obsolete after this time. So, you may have to get a new laptop for a better gaming experience.

Some laptops cannot run most games. An example is a virtual reality (VR) video game, which is very current in the gaming world. Unfortunately, laptops manufactured over ten years ago cannot run VR software.

Furthermore, the lifespan of your gaming laptop is dependent on the brand, including how well you maintain it. A gaming laptop may last less than a year if not properly maintained. Also, a well-maintained gaming laptop can last up to five years without hitches.

Tips On How You Should Maintain Your Gaming Laptop

After a few years, you wouldn’t want to pack up your gaming laptop. It would be too early and heavy on your pocket. So, get the best out of your current laptop. 

Extending your laptop life’s span is highly dependent on management and maintenance. And it’s not rocket science. Follow the steps below.  

#1: Cultivate the habit of cleaning: 

Always ensure your gaming laptop is clean and dust-free. You can use a clean rag to wipe dust or dirt from your laptop vent. Ensure you do this occasionally. 

A clogged vent will reduce the laptop fan’s processor speed and working capacity. A blocked duct will further cause the laptop to become hot. You don’t want your gaming laptop to heat up, which will greatly reduce its performance. 

The simple trick of cleaning your gaming laptop regularly can go a long way to keep your gaming laptop in shape and prevent some unnecessary repair costs.

#2: Connect a cooling pad: 

The gaming laptop works on optimum GPU and always produces heat. It is imperative to dissipate the heat from inside out. You can achieve this with the aid of a cooling pad. 

Most cooling pads come in different sizes and consume less power. You can connect your gaming laptop to a coolant via the USB port. The cooling pad will help reduce the heat generated by the processors, thereby improving the gaming laptop’s performance.

Also, the cooling pad eliminates the issue of physical positioning or placement of the laptop while in use. Nevertheless, because your gaming laptop is connected to a cooling pad doesn’t mean you should place it in a poorly ventilated environment while in use.

#3: Conserve the battery: 

The battery of your gaming laptop can last within 2-4 hours after being fully charged. Ensure you plug in the computer to a power source before the battery fully runs out. 

Allowing your battery to drain completely can reduce the lifespan of the battery and the laptop. Sometimes, detach your battery and use the computer directly on a power source. Furthermore, ensure to connect your gaming laptop to electricity while in use for maximum performance. Never overcharge your battery. Kindly disconnect it from the power source when the battery is fully charged. 

You can also keep a fully charged spare battery at hand whenever you’re on the move and not sure of power. Lastly, never forget to shut down your laptop when not in use.

#4: Free some space: 

You can uninstall bloatware, delete browsing history, cache, and empty the recycle bin. These little actions can go a long way to free up some RAM space for your gaming laptop. It will improve functionality and prolong the device’s lifespan.

#5: Update antivirus and update window defender: 

Install an antivirus on your gaming laptop if you fail to do that earlier. Always ensure the antivirus and other software are up-to-date. It is crucial to update your window defender, too, as it helps to keep bugs and viruses from attacking your laptop.

#6: Use external mouse and keyboard: 

Constant tapping your keyboard and dragging the touchpad can cause wear and tear on the hardware. Using an external keyboard and mouse can save you some hardware damage and elongate the lifespan of your gaming laptop.

Lastly, provide a laptop bag to move your gaming laptop around. Always cover the computer when not in use. And avoid installing software from an unknown source over the internet. 

Keep your laptop from spills, food crumbs, extreme weather conditions, etc. Following these and more could help keep your gaming laptop in good shape and expand its life span.

Is A Gaming Laptop Worth Buying?

Let’s assume you have read plenty of tips on maintaining your gaming laptop and thought of the cost of buying one. 

Now, you’re asking yourself, is it worth owning a game laptop? To answer the question correctly, you have to consider some factors such as; cost, portability, and ability to upgrade. 

Most gaming laptops cost over a thousand bucks. But they are quite handy and portable, unlike the gaming desktop. You’ll find that their portability and weight make them a breeze to transport. Unlike the desktop version, you can’t upgrade the of most gaming laptops.

But if money isn’t an issue and you like to play video games on the go and care less about upgrades, then the gaming laptop is a worthy device for you. 


Can you upgrade a gaming laptop? You can read the response to this question at the start of this post. The beauty of a gaming laptop is the video/picture quality attributed to the GPU. 

The graphics and CPU are infused on the motherboard in most modern gaming laptops. Hence, upgrading the GPU for higher graphics means changing the entire motherboard.

 In most cases, the new hardware may not be compatible with the software. Thus, the upgrade may become a waste of time. However, you can upgrade some gaming laptops’ GPU and CPU. An example is the Alienware AREA-51M. 

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