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Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay

Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay?

Let’s Talk A Little About Burger King

An American multi-national chain of restaurants Burger King was first founded in the year 1953. Burger King specializes in fast food with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Burger King was not an instant success in the market and went through a lot of ups and downs until 2010 when 3G Capital of Brazil acquired a substantial stake in the company.

3G Capital focused on a product-oriented advertising campaign that was instrumental in changing Burger King’s fortunes. Riding on the back of refreshing product formulations, versatile menu, and packaging Burger King started to make a name.

As technology ran parallel with every industry in the last decade, Burger King also benefitted immensely thanks to their progressive owners and impressive franchise model. The United States has almost half of all the Burger King outlets across the globe that functions privately.

Burger King’s success story is an inspirational one, and every individual can draw hope and persistence from it. Few points that have anchored their growth over the years are as follows:

  • Simplicity
  • Smart progressive strategies
  • An unmatched combination of ingredients
  • Wide variety of marketable items

Burger King And Digital Payments

Burger King accepts almost all the prepaid payment methods that exist in the marketplace today such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net-Banking and Digital wallets. Moving away from the usual perception where near-field communications mobile payments are termed ill-fitted for the prime time, Burger King has paved the way with PayPal’s revolutionary cloud-based and PIN-driven solution.

Additionally, a Burger King user can also utilize BK Crown Cards or just simply activate a virtual card for in-app payments.

Mobile Payment services such as Venmo, Cash App, and Apple Pay provide flexibility to the modern-day consumer while buying online and offline.

If you are a Burger King customer wondering if Apple Pay can be utilized as a digital payment method for making a payment for your favorite burger, read through this article and find out.

Is Apple Pay Accepted At Burger King?

Although Burger King allows its users to use a wide range of payment methods that help them make seamless transactions, it does not accept Apple Pay. Burger King recently removed their iOS application from its online ordering app service resulting in Apple Pay becoming an ineffective payment method. Burger king also dropped Apple Pay as a payment method for their in-store transactions and drive-thru transactions.

Why Did Burger King Remove Apple Pay?

Burger King accepted Apple Pay as a payment method briefly after the launch of their mobile application although Apple Pay was never an accepted payment method at their outlet and drive-thru. Burger King completely terminated Apple Pay as a mobile transaction service around 2019 due to a conflict of interest with their partner PayPal, which also owned a similar digital payment platform named Venmo.

Can Customers Use Apple Pay At A Burger King Outlets?

In what was a revolutionary deal, Burger King joined hands with PayPal in the year 2014. Soon after their arrival, PayPal swiftly removed its competitors including Apple Pay.

If you are a Burger King customer looking to order food from their restaurant ordering app, you can easily choose between your PayPal account or their gift cards. The Burger King application is best used to order and pay ahead before picking up all the ordered food items in-store or through the drive-thru.

How Effective Was Apple Pay For Burger King Drive-Thru?

Although the primary reasons remain the same, Burger King was left to choose between one of the two rivals PayPal and Apple Pay, and as we all know Burger King went ahead with the former.

PayPal has been there in the digital payment platform space forever now, which provides customers’ great reliability and a sense of trust. As far as the performance and efficiency are concerned, PayPal integrated the app UI of Burger King into their franchise system dealing with fast food quite easily and effectively.

Was Ease Of Use Ever An Issue With Apple Pay?

Among all the other reasons that caused the removal of Apple Pay as a payment method in Burger King, ease of use was never a huge worry. All mobile payment applications function quite similarly and are user-friendly. But, Burger King found that with PayPal they can target the young population better than ever, which of course was always their primary focus, and that resulted in Apple Pay’s removal.

How Do Other Mobile Payments Do With Burger King?

After Burger King partnered with PayPal in the year 2014, they subsequently got into an alignment with Venmo. Known for its popularity among the younger age-group customers, Venmo was instrumental in helping franchises take Burger King to a younger crowd.

Also, to advertise their “$1 Your Way” value menu, Burger King gave out $1 to some randomly selected Venmo users. The “$1 Your Way” value menu consisted of a chicken junior sandwich, a drink, fries, and a bacon cheeseburger that attracted a lot of customers.

Will Apple Pay Return To Burger King?

Although Burger King’s alignment with PayPal and Venmo almost nullifies Apple Pay’s return with the multinational fast-food company, there’s always hope for the unpredictable future with these digital payment applications.

McDonald’s, one of Burger King’s competitors accepts Apple Pay as a payment method, which is another reason that makes Apple Pay’s reunion with Burger King tougher.

However, recently Apple Pay started offering their users access to the $1 value coupons. These coupons help a Burger King customer in buying a Whopper (one of the best Burger King items) at select Burger King Restaurants.

Is Apple Pay Accepted At Other Restaurants?

Apple Pay may not be in unison with Burger King but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a widely popular digital payment application. Names of some restaurants that accept Apple Pay as a payment method are stated below:

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • KFC
  • Subway
  • White Castle
  • Pizza Hut
  • Fuddruckers


As of 2022, Burger King does not officially accept Apple Pay as a valid payment method however users of the otherwise popular payment application can use their credit cards for making payments through the application.

Apple Pay continues to be one of the leading digital payment platforms across the globe and is in association with numerous restaurants and fast-food chains. Burger King may remain an unconquered territory for them because of the latter’s association with Venmo and PayPal.

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