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Find Out How To break A Kryptonite U Lock

Find Out How To Break A Kryptonite U Lock

In the early 1970s, Americans had only one proven means of securing a bicycle. They only secured their bikes using hardened lock chains with hexagonal connections. 

However, some bikers made the error of using cheap cables or chains. And these got easily broken by thieves using standard tools.

Excitingly, to solve the issue of theft, Stanley Kaplan invented the Kryptonite U-lock. He designed the U lock, which used high-quality security materials and Anti-Theft Protection. 

So, you literally can’t break U locks easily. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are a few ways to break the lock if you misplaced your key. 

Now, let’s discuss how to break a Kryptonite U lock. Please keep reading!

Use The Ballpoint Pen Trick:

If you’re looking for a way to unlock a kryptonite bike lock, the pen trick can help. It involves bypassing the lock with a plastic pen.

Step 1:

Find a regular “stick” pen, which usually has a ballpoint on one end. The other end should have a little cap as cover. 

The ballpoint end should also have a detachable cover that you put on the pen when not in use. Make sure that you look for a biro with a pop-off end cap rather than one that screws off or is difficult to remove.

Step 2:

Disconnect the pen’s cap from the end. Push off the little cap on the pen’s end with your fingernails. When you remove the lid, you’ll be left with an open tube about the same size as a normal Kryptonite U lock key.

Step 3:

Then slide the pen’s tube into the keyhole of the U-lock. The open tube should be able to fit into the hole with ease.

It is advisable to use a biro that perfectly fits into the keyhole after you’ve removed the cap.

Step 4:

Twist and push the pin into the keyhole.  Grip the Kryptonite U lock with your non-dominant hand.  Then hold the ballpoint pen in your dominant hand and twist it within the lock while pushing hard.

Use your wrist rather than your entire arm because your wrist will give you the force that you need to push and twist firmly. 

Step 5:

Twist the Kryptonite U lock until it unlocks. Continue twisting the pen. You can apply pressure by shaking the U lock bar slightly. If this is your first time trying this method, it could take anything between a few seconds to a few minutes. 

Keep twisting the pen until the lock unlocks, something you should feel or hear. If you’re unsure if the lock has opened, test it by pulling on the Kryptonite U lock bar. Again, you should feel the lock open as you apply more pressure.

Step 6:

Remove the top bar of the U lock. Remove the ballpoint pen from the keyhole, and then raise the lock’s top bar out of the U-shaped sides. 

Finally, you’ve successfully unlocked your Kryptonite U-lock.

Use The Decoding Technique:

The decoding method works when you’ve got a U lock system with a combination of letters and numbers. 

Step 1:

The first step is to pull both sides of the lock apart with both hands, similar to how you unlock a U lock with the correct combination.

Step 2:

Then start to move the wheels. While driving the reels, you can attempt to determine the correct number or letter of each one. 

Step 3:

You can guess right by starting to twist the wheel from the first letter located on the first rim. 

You’ll know if you’ve guessed the correct letter or number from click sounds, you get during your twisting motion. 

In addition, if this number is correct, the lock, you’ll notice that the number won’t shift to the next quickly.

Step 4:

Repeat the method with the second wheel till you get to the fourth wheel. Do this repeatedly until you’ve unlocked all the wheels. 

You need to be patient while using this trial-and-error method. It would be best if you had the patience to guess the proper combination of numbers and letters. 

Step 5:

Finally, after unlocking your U-lock, you can change your password. 

You also have the option to retain your old password using the same setting method as when you have a default password.

Hammer And Air Spray Method:

Kryptonite U locks are easier to break using a combination of both hammer and air spray. 

Step 1:

Buy canned air spray. Kryptonite U locks are difficult to open by hammering or force. However, you can weaken these locks by exposing them to air, allowing them to be broken open.

You can purchase compressed or canned air from home stores or on e-commerce sites. The canned air spray contains the compressed chemical.

 This chemical is known as difluoroethane, which will cool the lock to roughly -130 F. 

Step 2:

Place the Kryptonite U lock appropriately. Fix the U lock so that the bar is lying flat on the floor or against a solid surface. 

It will be simple to break your Kryptonite U lock if it is locked but not attached to anything. However, It might be more challenging to open the U lock if it is hooked around a bicycle or a door handle, 

Step 3:

Spray the canned air into the keyhole of the Kryptonite U-lock. Spray the canned air into the keyhole of the Kryptonite U-lock. 

Keep a foot or so away from the keyhole with the air spray can. Then, while holding down the canned air pump, spray it directly into the keyhole.

Step 4:

Spray the chemical continuously for about 30 seconds. 

Make sure you aim your spray within the range of the keyhole. This region should be where you’ll concentrate your hammering.

Step 5:

Start hammering on the keyhole. The U-bar lock will have been cold for around 30 seconds and should be weak enough to break. 

Hold the hook of the Kryptonite U lock with your non-dominant hand against the ground or solid surface. Next, grab the hammer with your dominant hand, and start to hammer against the keyhole.

Step 6:

Maintain a safe distance between your fingertips and the hammering surface. As you hammer, ensure the Kryptonite U lock is stable and in place.

Do not panic when the white powder on the U lock comes off as a vapor as you begin to hammer.

Step 7:

Hammer on the Kryptonite U lock until it breaks. Then, continue hammering into the U-keyhole lock’s area. You may have to beat for 30 seconds. This constant hammering makes a portion of the bar come off. 

Therefore, concentrate your hammering on the lock’s cracked portion. The bar will break fully and split from one or both sides of the U lock as other pieces fall off.

Dispose of the lock’s remaining pieces when you’ve finally broken your U lock.

The Cutting Technique

This method is the final option for breaking a Kryptonite U lock without a key. 

However, this method requires using a tool or type of cutter stronger than the metal employed by the bike lock.

You should break the lock with bolt cutters or angle grinders so as not to destroy your bike.

An angle grinder is a high-powered instrument that can easily break U-locks and most other types of locks. It’s the quickest means of cutting through U-locks, but it requires a few safety precautions to be used responsibly. 

Step 1:

Take appropriate safety precautions. When using the angle grinder, don’t wear any loose clothing or jewelry. In addition, use hand gloves and eye goggles. 

Make sure you’re using the perfect disc for your grinder and that it can reach maximum speeds. Clamp your U lock with a vice fastened to a table if it’s locked but not attached to anything

Step 2:

Turn on your angle grinder and adjust the angle. Hold your angle grinder at a 15-30 degree angle with both hands. Hold your machine a few inches away from the U lock while turning.

Step 3:

With the angle grinder, cut through the Kryptonite U lock. Hold the angle grinder in both hands and slowly press the blade against one of the U-shaped sides of the Kryptonite U lock. 

 Press the blade against the U-side locks until the blade cuts through. It could take anything between 15 seconds to several minutes to complete this task.

Step 4: Make a fresh cut a few inches away from the first. You need this fresh-cut if you want to remove the Kryptonite U lock from your door handle or bike.

Cut the Kryptonite U lock using the same procedure as the previous cut and stop when you’ve finished cutting. 

Step 5:

For safety purposes, remove the U lock and turn off the angle grinder once you’ve finished.

A part of the U-lock will fall off after the second cut, leaving a gap in the lock. Remove the U-lock, put your angle grinder away, and discard the rest of your safety!


If you were wondering how to break a Kryptonite U lock without keys, the methods above should be of great help.

 It’s much easier to break the Kryptonite U lock if it’s attached to your bike or another device that needs to be unlocked.

Although they’re high-quality products, you can break a misplaced Kryptonite U lock if you follow the above mentioned tricks.

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