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Is Warzone Split Screen

Is Warzone Split Screen? Find Out Now!

Sadly, Split Screen mode is not available for Call of Duty Warzone. Your console will show a prompt explaining that this mode does not support split-screen when you attempt to connect a second controller.

The exact reason why this option is missing is unclear. Even though Warzone is a big game – on an average session there are 150 players battling on a huge map. There’s a possibility that split-screen could create technical issues, especially for consoles older than Xbox 360. Given Warzone’s current glitchy state, it doesn’t need any more technical problems.

Playing Call Of Duty: Warzone On A Split Screen

Nowadays, developers are heavily focused on online play. This is where the money is. It’s for this reason that split-screen co-op isn’t high on the priority list when games are being developed. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that there is a market for it. What if you only have one game console? What if two people want to play Warzone simultaneously on that console? There is only one solution: split screen.

Let’s find out more about playing split screen on Call Of Duty: Warzone and if the update will be available anytime soon.

Is Warzone Going To Get Split Screen In The Future?

It’s now clear that split screen is not currently included in Warzone, so you’re probably wondering when it’ll be available. At this point, we don’t know when it will be available. Because Raven or Activision haven’t specifically addressed this issue, it isn’t likely to be a big deal. With Warzone’s extensive (and usually game-breaking) issues at the moment, they should probably prioritize fixing those first.

What’s the solution for those who want to play Call of Duty: Warzone local co-op? There’s always the option of setting up two consoles and screens next to each other. It is obvious that both machines will need an internet connection and there will be a need for space. However, that may be more trouble than it is worth. It looks like the only other option is to wait for the feature to be introduced at some point in the future – which isn’t looking very likely at the moment. Sadly.

Using Split Screens In Warzone

Those who have played Warzone may have noticed that there is a split-screen controller option at the top of the screen.

  • On the Xbox or PlayStation 4, the user can sign in with the second controller by hitting A or X.
  • Warzone doesn’t support split screenplay, so the user will be prompted with an error screen as soon as they sign in.
  • The feature has yet to be unlocked for playing split-screen.
  • We hope to see a split-screen soon as if they had no intention of doing one, the text on the screen would be redundant.

There is no word yet on whether split-screen will be available for Call Of Duty’s battle royale mode.

Using Split Screens In Multiplayer

You’ll need to follow a few steps to connect appropriately if you want to play split-screen in multiplayer.

  • Start by logging into the main home screen in multiplayer mode. When you get to this screen, connect to another controller.
  • Select another user who will be used to keep track of your scores when the profile prompt appears.
  • In case you have another account, you must choose this one as your scores will be saved.
  • Using a guest account is the only way to connect if you do not have an account.
  • Next, you need to join the game after connecting your controller to the console.
  • In the top right corner, you can see what button you need to press if you want to join the game.
  • Usually, it’s the A or X button on a PS4.
  • The user can then join the game and play split-screen if he/she successfully presses this button.

The Split Screen Load Outs Can Be Customized

  • The loadouts of each player will vary when joining a split-screen game.
  • The loadout can be changed by clicking on the loadout tab.
  • Following this, the new user can adjust their lineup according to their preferences.
  • Upon logging in, the user can view their inventory and preferences based on the name of their profile.

Locked Split Screen Game Modes

You cannot play split-screen in specific game modes when playing split-screen.

Call Of Duty has ruled out split-screen play for certain game modes, much like Warzone has banned split-screen play. You’ll see the lock symbol next to mode names like search and rescue, ground war, and mayhem moshpit. Thus, both players will not be able to play those two game modes.

For these game modes, Call Of Duty has determined that either split-screen does not work or they need to be played in full-screen.

Why Don’t All Call Of Duty Modes Support Split-Screen Play?

There are several reasons why all Call Of Duty game modes do not permit split screenplay. 

  • Ideally, the game should be played at 60 frames per second (or higher). You can choose from all of these display options in the game.
  • The screen will have to shrink to fit both screens on the designated area if two users are using the same screen.
  • Developers have locked certain game modes in order to give the user the full Call Of Duty experience.
  • Another reason is to gain a competitive advantage. Players are supposed to communicate in order to find their opponents.
  • The communication between players is ruined as the other person can simply stare at the other player’s screen if they are on the same screen.


Split-screen support for Call Of Duty Warzone has yet to appear; however, it could be coming soon. Or, at least, that’s what we can expect. The Warzone home screen will offer a split-screen play by adding another controller, but that does not actually allow you to play split-screen. The best way to play Warzone is full screen, so we recommend purchasing a cheap PS4 or Xbox so you can play with friends rather than trying to play split-screen.

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