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Comparative Look between Solid Snake vs Big Boss

Comparative Look Between Solid Snake Vs Big Boss

Many ‘Metal Gear Solid’ gamers would think that Solid Snake would win in every battle with Big Boss since this happened in the last two fights. 

It isn’t that Big Boss is weaker than Solid Snake, in general, but because he has grown old and weaker with time. 

Other factors might have had an impact on the battle of Solid Snake vs. Big Boss. In this writeup, we’ll have a comparative look at both Solid Snake and Big Boss regarding skills and fighting abilities. 

Solid Snake vs. Big Boss

Let’s talk about the similarities and differences that both Solid Snake and Big Boss have between each other

Physical Abilities

When Snake had fought with Big Boss and won in the fight, gamers have attributed it to Snake’s young physique. But this is partially true. The Snake wasn’t much younger than Big Boss. 

They were nearly the same age and overall had the same levels of strength. Other factors may have an enormous impact on a fight.


One reason why Solid might win in the battle against Big Boss is the pure reason that he’s faster, swifter, and attacks within a blink of an eye. Big Boss isn’t as fast as him, so this could be one reason Big Boss lost in the battle.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Solid is a winner here. His hand-to-hand combat skills are much more advanced than that of Big Boss’s. 

Both have about the same levels of strength, but Solid has a few techniques under his belt. Solid’s skills, along with his speed, allow him to knock out larger, stronger opponents in no time.

Mental Strength

Big Boss himself admitted that Solid Snake’s mental strength is much stronger than his. Big Boss had a group of people who always were at his support in his bad times. 

This was never the case with Solid. He mostly lived isolated as he had a strong mental capacity to keep him cool in all the situations.


Big Boss is a winner here. He has lived alone a few times and knows how to live without anyone around without the need to worry about it too much. 

On the other hand, Snake isn’t like a leader at all. He’s good at some fighting, he has skills, and that’s about it. 

Final Words

In a battle of Solid Snake vs Big Boss, we don’t know who will win eventually. It all depends on a few factors, such as the health condition and mental state of these two. But they actually share similar goals, and they’re not really enemies of each other. 

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