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What Comes In Groups Of 8

What Comes In Groups Of 8? Unraveling A Mystery 

Eight is the number before nine and the after seven. The number eight holds great significance in religion, mathematics, science, and different aspects of life. 

A group of eight is an octet. It is mainly used to represent a musical composition performed by eight people and eight people in a unit. 

This post contains examples of things that come in eight and the many significance of the number eight. 

So, let’s go deeper 

What comes in groups of eight? 

The earth is full of things that come in groups of eight. We have to look around us and note them. Spiders and octopuses have eight limbs. Hot dog buns come in eight packages. 

Examples Of Things That Come In Eights

Below are examples of things that come in eights or have a connection with the number eight. 

An Octagon:

An Octagon is a two dimensions figure with eight sides. The word Octagon has a Greek origin. It is from a combination of “octa,” which means eight, and “gonon,” which means angles. 

Therefore, an octagon is a polygon that has eight sides combined, eight vertices, and eight interior angles. 

An Octagon with equal sides and angles is what mathematicians call a regular Octagon. In contrast, the Octagon with two or more unequal sides and angles is called an irregular Octagon. 

Polygons are either concave or convex. Convex octagons are protruding in nature, as opposed to concave octagons that have indentations. 

Convex octagons are examples of regular octagons. They have all their eight angles pointed outwards. A concave octagon is one in which one or more of its angles face inwards. 

Stop signs:

The traffic stop signs are octagonal, which is rare. The sign is unique and often found on different roads. 

An aspect of street signage often overlooked is the number of sides a sign has, and its design is a message to road users. That is, the shapes are informative. 

Rectangular signs are solely for information. They show you how fast you can go and your distance from the nearest exit, etc. The general rule is that the more sides it has, the more careful the road user should be. 

Do not enter signs and railroad crossings are all circles. The circles represent an infinite number of sides. They show that the road user should be careful because it is a dangerous road.

Signs that are Pentagonal are usually used for schools. They are warning signs for schools that warn road users that there is a school around, which inadvertently means that there are children around who may be crossing the road. 

Then we have the yield signs. This sign has three sides which mean that there is little or no danger ahead. The sign is to get drivers to slow down and make a stop when it is needed. 

With their eight sides, stop signs are a loud warning to road users that they should ignore a potential danger. Unlike yield signs, you should stop and obey without hesitation. Although, this isn’t to imply that you should ignore yield signs. 

The first stop signs got standardized in the United States in 1923. The signs weren’t in use for a long time because they were not reflective. They had the eight sides, but they couldn’t effectively warn a driver about impending danger, especially at night. So, the eight sides started a long time ago, and it was intentional. 


Octopuses have eight appendages, not eight tentacles, as some people believe. The eight-limbed mollusks even have a preference for which arm they use to eat. Surprisingly, they have been known to consume their arms in rare circumstances.

In a 2008 study by researchers, at Sea Life centers across Europe, octopuses crawl around the seafloor using two limbs located on the back of their bodies. The six remaining limbs are primarily used for feeding and propulsion. 

Scientists studied octopuses’ behavior and discovered that they push off with their back legs to get over rocks and the seafloor. They swam or pushed themselves along the ocean floor with their remaining limbs. 

The study’s goal was to see if the world’s most intelligent invertebrates favored one side of the body over the other or if they were left or right-handed. 

Scientists concluded that cephalopods are ambidextrous after observing 2,000 common octopuses. However, many prefer to eat with their third arm from the front.

Furthermore, only octopuses with weak eyes favored one side of their arms, according to the researchers. This information is helpful for pet owners who can feed the cephalopods on their dominant side.


Spiders belong to the classification of arachnids. This species lacks a chewing mouth, wings but has four pairs of legs (8 legs). Scorpions, mites, and ticks are also members of this group. 

A spider’s life is divided into three stages: embryonic, larval, and nympho-imaginal. Most live for only a year, but some, such as tarantulas, can live for up to 20 years. During a spider’s life, it will shed its outer shell several times, a process known as molting. 

Spiders‘ circulatory systems are open, with no true blood or veins. They do have a heart, which is a good thing. It pumps a fluid called hemolymph into its body’s open spaces or sinuses. 


The eighth month of the Gregorian calendar is August. In 8 BCE, it was named after the first Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar. Its original name was Sextilus, which means “sixth month” in Latin, referring to its early Roman calendar.

What Is The Biblical Significance Of The Number Eight?

As previously stated, the number 8 is significant in the Bible. This number is significant in biblical and prophetic terms. The first thing to know is that the number 8 appears 73 times in the Bible. 

According to the Bible, the number 8 represents creation and new beginnings.  You are most likely aware that Jesus was crucified to atone for all of humanity’s sins. He died and he was later raised on the 17th of Nisan. But when we consider that 17 is made up of the numbers 1 and 7, we find that 1+7 equals 8.

Furthermore, Nisan 17 was the eighth day from the day Jesus was supposedly sacrificed for the world. As a result, we can consider the number 8 to be a symbol of sacrifice and victory.

Also, keep in mind that the number 8 comes immediately after the number 7, known as a symbol of completion. If something ended with the number 7, it follows that something new must begin with the number 8. 

We’ve already established that the number 8 represents a new beginning as well as a new order. It is also known that God had his rest on the seventh day, implying that the eighth day was always a day of new beginnings. 

There is no doubt that the number 8 was significant to God because he chose the eighth day to begin a new week.

Also, Jesus referred to himself as “the son of man,” a term that appears 88 times in the Bible. The Book of Revelation, which contains 888 words, is also known as the Bible’s final book. All of the letters in the name “Jesus” have the value of 888 in Greek. 

This historical account is another indication that the number 8 was significant in the life of Jesus Christ and the Bible in general. 

Other facts may be related to Jesus and the number 8. According to the Bible, Jesus appeared to be alive eight times after he was resurrected. Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection.

Another fact is the Bible related to number 8 is that boys were circumcised precisely on the 8th day of a month. We also have to mention that 40 people wrote the Bible and 40 is the multiplication of the numbers 8 x 5. 

As previously stated, the number 8 represents new beginnings.

Facts About The Number Eight 

The number eight, like you know by now, has religious and historical significance. Here are some fun facts about the number eight:

  • The number eight represents the totality of the universe in China. 
  • Infinity is the number of perfection. In mathematics, the symbol of infinity is represented by a laid-down eight symbol. 
  • For the Japanese, the number 8 represents multiplicity. 
  •  8 is the first cubic number, represent the earth by its volume rather than its surface
  • It represents the culmination of the manifestation. 
  • To the Egyptians, eight is the number of balance and cosmic order. 
  • According to Ambroise, the number eight corresponds to the New Testament. 
  • It symbolizes that baptism is a symbol of new life, the final Resurrection, and the anticipated Resurrection. 
  • A lucky number that is associated with wealth


There are several groups of eight on earth and in history. It holds both religious and scientific meanings. In general, the number eight has many positives attached to it. The positives range from wealth attraction to multiplicity to attraction and so on. 

This post is an overview of different groups of eight and connections they have to the number eight. 

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