Thursday , March 23 2023


Can You Use Roku Without Internet? Check Out The Answer

Can You Use Roku Without Internet

Roku is a digital media player that enables you to stream digital content on your TV via an HDMI connection. And excitingly, Netflix partnered with Roku Inc. to produce the first Roku device in 2008. Roku’s entrance into the digital media player market has popularized the concept of budget-friendly digital …

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Why Do Fords Suck? See The Shocking Reason

Why Do Fords Suck

Ford is an American-based automobile production company. The company, since its inception, has spawned over two centuries producing famous automobile brands like the Ford Mustang and the Lincoln. As of 2020, Ford had about 13.1% of the US vehicle market share, selling more than 2 million units. Although a popular …

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Find Out How To Break A Kryptonite U Lock

Find Out How To break A Kryptonite U Lock

In the early 1970s, Americans had only one proven means of securing a bicycle. They only secured their bikes using hardened lock chains with hexagonal connections.  However, some bikers made the error of using cheap cables or chains. And these got easily broken by thieves using standard tools. Excitingly, to …

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How Did Zoro Lose His Eye? Check Out The Reason

How Did Zoro Lose His Eye

Roronoa Zoro (or Solo by some English series), also known as Pirate Hunter Zoro, is a fictional character in Eiichiro Oda’s franchise “One Piece.” Zoro is a strong-willed young man determined to be the greatest swordsman in his time and does all he can to achieve this goal. He trains …

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What Comes In Groups Of 6? Check Them Out

What Comes In Groups Of 6

People often wonder why items come in groups of twos, fours, six, twelves, twenty fours. You may have probably walked into a mall and observed a pack of beer arranged in groups of six or a crate of eggs arranged in a group of twelve, six, or four. Some things …

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What Comes In Groups Of 8? Unraveling A Mystery 

What Comes In Groups Of 8

Eight is the number before nine and the after seven. The number eight holds great significance in religion, mathematics, science, and different aspects of life.  A group of eight is an octet. It is mainly used to represent a musical composition performed by eight people and eight people in a …

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