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Mario Garcia

Hello I am Mario Garcia, I find human beings fascinating, especially our more or less endearing behavior. Bit by bit I’ve come to see us human beings not as autonomous agents in conscious control of our lives, but as incredibly complex biological organisms embedded in the process of our evolving culture. Here in our blog you will find a lot of life hacks, tech tips and information about just Being Human

Why Do Fords Suck? See The Shocking Reason

Why Do Fords Suck

Ford is an American-based automobile production company. The company, since its inception, has spawned over two centuries producing famous automobile brands like the Ford Mustang and the Lincoln. As of 2020, Ford had about 13.1% of the US vehicle market share, selling more than 2 million units. Although a popular …

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Find Out How To Break A Kryptonite U Lock

Find Out How To break A Kryptonite U Lock

In the early 1970s, Americans had only one proven means of securing a bicycle. They only secured their bikes using hardened lock chains with hexagonal connections.  However, some bikers made the error of using cheap cables or chains. And these got easily broken by thieves using standard tools. Excitingly, to …

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What Is A Group Of Hawks Called? The Wonders Of Nature

What Is A Group of Hawks Called

Hawks are medium-sized diurnal birds. You can find them in almost every part of the world, except in the Antarctica region.  Interestingly, these birds are solitary and enjoy living in isolation. But occasionally, they live together and exist as social animals. Now, here’s the question.  What is a group of …

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How To Write An Absence Note For School- A Step By Step Guide


There are believable excuses that may guaranty that the school authorities will accept your absence from school. You need to ensure that you have a piece of evidence to support your note; otherwise, the school authorities wouldn’t accept it. You also need to follow strict guidelines to ensure that your …

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Does Target Drug test? This Post Answers The Question

Does target drug test

Target is an American retail company and one of the largest retailers in the United States. They have stores in all the states of America and can boast of having over 350,000 employees.  Target is a reputable organization with an image to uphold. Therefore, they hold their employees to specific …

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